The Rock Bottom Chronicles

It goes without saying, that some minds never sleep, words travel through them like space junk, wondering aimlessly through galaxies of nothingness filled with hopeless dreamers, waiting for their chance to catch the next train to heaven. This is a place for my rambles, my poetry, my nonsense. You probably wont get it, you probably wont care, I probably will never realise you're around, but without a way for these words to leave my mind they will just roam and jumble, and rip, and pull and create a thought process that is never ending. In short, I write to get the words out of my mind. Not so that you can enjoy them.

My Name's Timm Flores. Everything on this blog is my own, unless otherwise stated or quoted, if you re-post my stuff, please give me credit, after all why would anyone want someone else to think they wrote any of this crap that comes out of my mind?